Samspin.com was created in 2004 as a repository of a Flash, Shockwave, and Java-based browser games. Although an archive of this incarnation still exists, most modern browsers will no longer support Shockwave and Java based plugins, and Flash support is on it’s way out. It will remain as-is for historical interest.
In the meantime… about me… I am Samuel Pinder. I have a degree in Web Systems Development from Edge Hill University. My background is mainly with computer networking, and taking computers and devices apart. Maybe sometimes I manage to put them back together, just… sometimes. It gets a bit difficult nowadays, as more and more devices come in tiny packages with everything selfishly soldered down to avoid user repairs/upgrades- leading to a disposable culture. To try to get around this somewhat and learn how to deal with this phenomenon, I have taken apart old electronics from about 20 years ago with a soldering iron. Typically this involves old games consoles, easiest to get hold of, to add/remove components and unlock additional functionality. It still hasn’t got me to a point I can tinker with “modern” tiny devices, as they often aren’t designed to be put back together in one piece. I do this in my own time, in peace and quiet.
Other than tinkering, I role play. Not so much in person, as lots of people talking is difficult for me to deal with, unless I know the people very well. However online… there’s always Vampire the Masquerade, set in the World of Darkness. This involves the use of an old PC game built in the late 90’s, that was well ahead of it’s time in terms of graphics. So far it’s the only game that allows a visual aid to be built using maps and props in the World of Darkness setting- quite an essential for keeping track of what’s going on while role-playing.
What else… sometimes I sing. You will be lucky if you hear me sing alone, but I’ve been told it’s not something anyone ever forgets. Sometimes I will write for hours and hours things that nobody will ever read. Like this page.