Hello and welcome to Samspin.com, the personal website of Samuel Pinder. I recently decided to go back to the basics, with my original logo (circa 2004, made in MS Paint) on a modern CMS. Why not? It’s worth a shot! I created this website long ago as a repository of Flash and Java-based games for people to play in their spare time in Blackpool’s libraries and schools. But times have moved on: Flash and Java plugins are being phased out of most browsers, and my old school has since been demolished. So what now? I plan to possibly add my personal blog here. Until then, yes, this site will look like a right mess. In the meantime, my online infrastructure remains active for hosting Planet Vampire, a World of Darkness community. Notice: As some may be aware, my name was formerly Samuel Hills, but I kept the domain name “samuelhills.com” as a redirect in case anybody looked for me under my old name. However as of October 2018 “samuelhills.com” has been donated to “DJ Samuel Hills”, an artist from Scandinavia. I wish DJ Samuel Hills the best of luck with the name! I shall be watching!